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Mud Puddle Stompin came about as a way to document our adopted child’s narrative.

I, Stacy, procrastinated doing this because I could not come up with a name for it. “RammerFamilyAdoption” kept circling through my mind but I felt it was too jaded. It didn’t embody the same excitement and enthusiasm we have for the process to bring home our next baby. Then I made a list of all the things that bring me great joy and had Mike look it over. He said, “That’s it.

MudPuddleStompin. You have your blog name.” And he was right. Here it is.

Why MudPuddleStompin? For those of you who have seen my Instagram or Facebook posts, know how much our tiny girl Rowan loves to splash about in the puddles after it rains, and she often enjoys playing in the dirt at the park more than the swings or slides. Prior to becoming a Mom, I hated rainy days (with a passion) and dirt didn’t tickle my fancy (heck, no). Some (okay, most) would have described me as an unwavering type A. And then came Rowan.

My needs and wants were no longer first. How could I deny this innately curious and adventurous human their desires to stomp with joy through mud puddles after a rainstorm? I couldn’t. I join her, and those mud puddles fill my mama heart to the brim every.single.time.

So, I have mud puddle stompin’ to thank for making me into the best version of me…a mama who follows and allows their little one’s curiosities to be explored.

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