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It's been ANOTHER week

This one is going to be both brief and big...


In non-adoption-y terms, the expectant parents chose OUR FAMILY to be the parents of their unborn child (due early December). Gasp! Now compose yourself because that's what we got to do in between spastic dance moves of excitement. Just think Elaine from Seinfeld.

Although this is certainly exciting, we have to keep those dance moves in check because, as our adoption counselor keeps reminding us, once baby is born it can be like pressing the reset button for even the best laid plans. Currently the expectant parents feel adoption is what is best for their child but that can change in an instant and nothing can be made legal until 72 hours after baby is born. So we are smiling while holding our breath (which is pretty tricky and awkward looking). It should be noted that, if the parents decide that they are willing and able to keep and raise this little one, we honestly trust that they are making the best decision for their child. Nevertheless, this is a thrilling possibility and we are psyched (Mike's word ) to be moving forward.

Squirrel moment- I am watching the midterm election returns while typing this and it is unsettling how similar each call is to the announcements in the Hunger Games of who was eliminated. Creeeeepy.

Onward, okay, we will be meeting the expectant parents this upcoming Monday to have two "match meetings"in one. Typically, families do two match meetings but since this baby BOY is due so soon, we are merging two meetings into one.

The purpose of this meeting is to do a few things: first and foremost, it's to see if we're a good match for each other (hence the name, "match meeting") Think blind date. If that goes well, we start discussing the myriad of decisions that we will make together to plan for this new little nugg--plans for birth, naming the baby, and post-placement experiences (where the baby goes after released from hospital), openness, and talk of the future (Entrustment Ceremony, a Dedication, Baptism, etc).

It's intense (not like camping. That would be 'in-tents'... Mike's fav joke), but we know that this family has gotten a clear picture of who we are as a family. We're feeling hopeful about Monday going well for us, for them, and for this tiny little boy who is coming into the world soon --with a whole bunch of people working with immense love to give him the best possible life.

Pic taken moments after getting the call.

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