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Match Meeting(s): Meeting the biological parents.

WE MET THE EXPECTANT PARENTS and let me start off by saying they were absolutely amazing and freakin awesome in every way.

pic caption: Us at the red light outside the Panera. PSA- embrace life. Always wear your seatbelt. I do. I mean, vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for people between the ages 5 and 34. And as you can tell from the picture, one of us is still in that age bracket *winky face*

So, we first met the couple at our first match meeting in early November. One could imagine just how awkward this meeting is... just picture robots trying to dance Swan Lake. The meeting took place in a Panera. A PANERA, people. Originally I thought this was odd, especially because I don't know how to go to Panera and NOT get a broccoli cheddar bread bowl with a Dr. Pepper (and squeezed lemons in it- mmmm) but I figured my restraint would be appreciated so they didn't have to hear me slurp through my thoughts on openness while wiping the dripping cheese from my chin. But honestly, it ended up being the perfect place to meet in contrast to an office space.

I struggle to write about the content of the match meeting because the content discussed amongst the four of us (well 6 including counselors and 7 including baby boy in mama's tummy... okay, uterus) wasn't all that profound. I mean, it was, but it wasn't in contrast to the energy, effortlessness, and ease within our conversations and interactions. That was the highlight, not the content of the conversation itself.

Now I toooootally get why it is called a MATCH meeting. Like holy cow. Talk about a match between bio parents and us... we really truly like BM and BD! (Bio Mom and Bio Dad). They're awesome, interesting people who we now consider friends... family. I am certain at one point I will be able to share more about them because that is the kind of relationship we have, but for now I will refer to them as BM and BD.

I will share one moment, piece of content, in our second match meeting that we found endlessly endearing. The couple was saying how they would be happy to give us their son's footprints from the hospital, hospital band, and ultrasound photos... but NOT his tiny newborn hospital hat. They just wanted this one thing-- they wished to keep his tiny little hospital hat. Come on, did your heart just swell? We loved that. And obviously agreed.

Pic caption: Second Match Meeting pic. Although outside the age bracket listed above, he still wears his seat belt. Gotta keep that pretty mug around awhile.

Mike and I absolutely trust this couple. If they choose to parent their child, it is because it is what is best for their child.

Many of you ask how we are doing throughout all this-- and honestly, we are doing well. And that is partially due to all of you: our friends, friends of friends, and family. From every like on a post, comment, text, phone call, and conversation. We are constantly blown away by the quality of the people that surround us and we cannot thank you enough. Or can we? Would a Belvita blueberry protein bar suffice? because I've been diggin those and got lots of 'em. Or maybe a Reece's Christmas tree? No, only have a couple left. Not willing to part. But seriously, thank you all.

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