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We published a book! Sort of...

How are the bio parents going to pick us?? I blocked my Facebook and Insta so they certainly won't find us that way. Answer: An Adoption Profile Workbook. Essentially, it is a book ALL about US (Mike, Me, Rowan, our story, our values, even our height and weight. No joke).

I consider myself creative so I was excited at the prospect of working on ours... until I started. Then I absolutely dreaded opening it up to work on. It. Was. Hard.

I had a vision in my head, a very specific one, and I was not willing to settle for less when creating our book. I neeeeeded it to scream who we were in every picture, word, comma, layout, font, and color we chose. My goal wasn't to write or present ourselves in a way that would be pleasing to the bio parents. No. I needed it to accurately represent who we are and if that's what they wanted for their child, if that's what pleased them, then perfect. That's a match. And that was our goal. But IT WAS HARD.

I mean, I couldn't help but constantly think "What would the bio parents think of me sticking my tongue out in this pic? Is it motherly?" or "what will the bio parents think of our sarcasm and witt? Will they find it paternal?" It was type two words, delete three. Constantly. It was spending hours pouring over pictures and still not

Now, I must go and live up to the story we wrote about ourselves 😜

psssssst- Should you find any typos, please do NOT tell us. We just printed 8 of these puppies and I'm not about to print anymore!



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